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Creative Alternate After-School Assignment Concepts for Teachers

Homework forms an interesting subject for all parties involved in student learning. It includes the student, the parent or guardian, and the instructor. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring the effective learning and academic success of students. So what role should a teacher play in this process? What alternative tasks can teachers assign students for homework?

Teachers have to issue homework that ticks the learning objectives you have stipulated for the student. However, most instructors resort to homework as an avenue of giving students an extra lesson. It proves misplaced and unfair to students as homework should encompass something to reinforce what they have learned in class. 

Homework Concepts for Teachers 

  • Preparing a specific dish using a cook or recipe book. Well, cooking encompasses a combination of goals and courses, the same way comprehensive reading, math, or chemistry proves. Students have to understand the concepts, weigh, and actualize the dish.
  • Create a fun board game. It ranks among the top creative tasks you can assign students as homework. Allow the student to develop a unique board game idea based on the content of the lesson learned in class.
  • Making a birdhouse. An excellently constructed birdhouse can prove useful for birds, but in creating one, a student gets to use their skills practically in accomplishing the challenge. It includes aspects of measuring, handling tools, following a blueprint, etc.
  • Transform a book’s fictional character into some form of a puppet. You can make students engage in a review of a book and creatively develop a physical character from the fictional one.
  • Coupon game. Task your students to collect a lot of coupons by visiting a single store. After the collection spree, they can then pen down the initial product prices and come up with the discounts. The activity enhances the ability of students to come up with percentages in the real world.
  • Visiting the zoo. You can allow your students to visit a zoo by becoming their family guide. You can then task them with developing their own map or reading the one provided.
  • Visit the resident container park or dumping ground. Students can learn a few things through such visits. For instance, many people discard recyclable items and by making them identify these items and give them new meaning. Further, such an expedition will also teach them about the importance of reducing waste consumption, among others. 
  • Build a unique treehouse. Encourage your students to venture into the forest to build tree houses. Since it has a lot of aspects like measuring, planning, building, and sawing, students can learn these skills and appreciate nature as well. 
  • Minecraft. Allow the kids to build a house or their school replica in Minecraft. Such an exercise can teach them lessons in orientation and following instructions. 
  • Play cards. Most games like patience, poker, bridge, or hearts require a level of common sense application. As such, it can prove useful to task kids by visiting their relatives and playing cards with them. 
  • Rope skipping. It’s a physical task that can teach an individual and test them on agility. So, encourage your students to skip ropes as a combination aspect of a game.   


Homework, in essence, should prove a fun challenge with the ability to impart and reinforce useful skills and concepts learned in class. And when kids get dull homwork, they go online and buy assignments at Ezassignmenthelp.com. This service lets them free up more time for life and rest, so they become happier and enjoy studying more.

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